Many backup environments have evolved to keep pace with the changing types of data they protect. As the volume of data grows, the backup solution itself is likely to need renewing, refreshing or redesigning.

Furthermore, as new technology is introduced to an environment, protective point solutions are implemented, often without regard to wider, but related, interfaces and any possible consequences. This could be because existing technology is unable to support the new entrant or because the point solution was bundled with the new solution when it was purchased. Over time this adds complexity to your environment, which becomes more costly to maintain.

In these cases, Stone Ram can help by:

  • virtualising the master backup servers and migrating their catalogs
  • splitting an existing master server into multiple environments to make it easier to maintain compliance
  • merging multiple backup servers to make a single backup environment
  • migrating between different operating systems
  • migrating between backup vendors
  • converting to or from clustered configurations.

If you need our assistance or would like to discuss an upcoming migration, please contact us to speak to an expert.