MigrateAssess is a free online NetBackup catalog migration assessment tool which assists in the site survey and planning phases of Catman projects.

Before migrating backup data, all pre-existing issues and limitations need to be identified and highlighted. Stone Ram’s own MigrateAssess is an online tool that is based on the internal methods Stone Ram uses for all catalog migrations.

The current version of MigrateAssess is aimed at Veritas NetBackup users, although development is under way to create versions for other leading enterprise backup solutions.

MigrateAssess reduces the time required to carry out a site survey, while providing a more in-depth and detailed report. It helps to secure successful migrations by identifying all known issues that must be resolved before a catalog migration. It helps you plan by providing estimated durations for the various steps of your migration project.

Using the portal, you can upload both the source and target recordings. It will then process the recordings and generate an assessment and a plan.

The MigrateAssess assessment reports:

  • list all the information required by Veritas Catman Pre-engagement Checks (PEC)
  • identify all limitations relevant to the environments
  • highlight issues that need to be resolved prior to the migration
  • capture the current status of all policies (including storage life cycle) for the environments being assessed
  • record the status of the backups running in the environments.

The report outlines the steps you need to take before, during and after catalog manipulation, along with estimated timings to help you plan and set expectations.
To use this tool, register online https://MigrateAssess.StoneRam.com.