Stone Ram is indebted to the open source community for the information it’s provided which has proved important to our research.

We’d like to give something back, so we are sharing tools we’ve created to speed up or improve the success rates of Stone Ram’s services: we genuinely hope they’ll benefit others. For details of the tools we are providing, please visit

We currently have a backup market investment opportunity – and need a new team member.

Investor: If you’re an investor or a company with an interest in the backup market, and you’re interested in accelerating the development timescales, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Analysis assistance: Having created a framework along with a package of data files in raw format and as backup images, we are looking for skilled individuals to help determine how to extract the raw data from the backup images. The data formats of many of the backup images are based on well-known structures such as MTF and TAR. The objective is to extract the data, and (where applicable) any attributes/ACL/credential information stored in the backup image.

In March we published our Tranzman development roadmap. It automates backup migrations and acts as a storage server so you can access backed-up data by converting its format when you restore or duplicate it. Here’s a progress update:

Production-ready interface has been completed
The front and back end of Tranzman’s database have been revamped, making it more robust. This will make it quicker and easier for us to integrate additional backup vendor products (origins and destinations) as transition engine plugins.

Backup Exec automated migration plugin
Backup Exec research is well under way and image readers and configuration converter processes are being tested. Prototype plugins have been created to extract and convert the workload configuration and image data from Backup Exec before converting it to NetBackup.

Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) automated backup migration plugin
TSM readers and converters are being expanded to support additional data types, including Lotus Notes, Exchange and MSSQL.

Click here for our development schedule for migrations involving NetBackup, TSM, Backup Exec, Veam, Commvault and Networker.

31 March is World Backup Day. In June 2016, a report from Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Data Centre Backup and Recovery predicted that by 2018, 50% of organisations will augment or replace their backup application from the one they deployed in early 2015.

At the time this report was published, the change would’ve usually been costly and complex: however, this has recently changed.

Stone Ram backup migration specialists have built a novel product that has made it much easier to move from one backup provider to another:

  • It reduces the cost of making the change
  • You no longer need such highly skilled resources to move
  • There’s no longer the need for the costly maintenance of legacy products while the backup data expires
  • It speeds up deployment
  • Its automation enables rapid configuration of your chosen new product.

Reduce the cost of consolidating, merging or migrating data
If your organisation is considering augmenting or replacing a backup solution, or if you need to consolidate backup products, we can save you money by channelling all your administration through this new product

If you’re curious and would like to work out how much you could save, please contact us.  

The launch of Tranzman will remove some of the expense and skills-drain of migrating to a new backup solution. Tranzman automates the migration and acts as a storage server so you can access backed-up data by converting its format when you restore or duplicate it.


“Tranzman should reduce the cost and the list of things you need to contemplate a backup migration. It’ll be more affordable and will therefore give organisations the mobility they need to move on to new and more efficient backup technology when they want to, rather than when they’re forced to,” said Simon Brown, founder of Stone Ram, who has been leading Tranzman’s development.


Developments to date



1.     Development started


2.     Creation of SRL recorder, a data collection tool vital to obtaining data for analysis

3.     Launched MigrateAssess, an online evaluation portal to assess NetBackup to NetBackup migrations using Veritas NetBackup Manipulation tools


4.     Completed the prototype of the Tranzman NetBackup to NetBackup migration tool

5.     Completed the prototype of Tivoli Storage Manager to NetBackup Tranzman migration tool





6.     Release candidates of Tranzman solutions for the following migrations will become available:

a.     NetBackup to NetBackup

b.    Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) to NetBackup

c.     Backup Exec to NetBackup


7.     Release candidates of Tranzman for the following origins will become available:

a.     Veeam to NetBackup

b.    Commvault to NetBackup


8.     Release candidates of Tranzman for the following will become available:

a.     Networker to NetBackup

b.    TSM to Veeam

c.     Commvault to Veeam

d.    Networker to Veeam

e.     NetBackup to Veeam

f.     Backup Exec to Veeam

2020 onwards

9.     Subject to demand, we will be working on Tranzman solutions for migrations to:

a.     Commvault

b.    TSM

c.     Networker


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